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Bleujoin is named after one of the most common SQL clauses: JOIN. We chose a French name because our team was learning French when we founded the company, and "Bleu" is French for "blue," which is sometimes the color of SQL clauses. This aligns with one of our team values: staying curious and being lifelong learners.

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Jimmy Burhan

Jimmy Burhan is an experienced product manager with expertise in leading cross-functional teams, developing new features, and growing businesses. He has a background in science and a strong understanding of data and analytics. Jimmy began his career as a data analyst at Google and subsequently became an early employee at successful hyper-growth startups Scale AI and Persona. He is enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge with you and supporting the growth of your company.



Our smartest empawyee. A sassy and cuddly pembroke welsh corgi. He is a great emotional support doggo.

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